Yorgos Efthymiadis

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What a loaded subject, guns! In his latest series, Domesticated: Seeing Past Seduction, photographer Yorgos Efthymiadis stealthily transforms antique weapons into decorative ornaments. Pictured in the comfortable homes of their collectors, their craftsmanship is both a fetish and an alluring obfuscation of their brutal purpose and past. Absent any pre- or post-production manipulations, Efthymiadis sneaks up on viewers with cunning visual sleights-of-hand that make us question what we’re seeing – first, visually and then, metaphorically. His astute camouflaging or highlighting and his attention to framing, composition and the ornamental repetition between subject and field lull us into a tranquil appreciation for the design attributes of each prized antique. But Efthymiadis delivers a salvo of physical and emotional contrasts in each image: hard versus soft, cold versus warm, threat versus comfort, power versus subjugation. The dichotomies are expressed texturally as well, with each rigid firearm set against warm woods, intricate lace cloths, or opulent fabrics in lush hues. By cradling death in the very symbol of life, home sweet home, Efthymiadis amplifies its explosive emotional impact. His aim is true, inflicting the stinging paradox of a weapon’s frightful artistry in every elegant frame.

- Elin Spring, writer, blogger, editor and contributor to the Initiative.

Yorgos Efthymiadis

Visit: www.yorgosphoto.com

Yorgos Efthymiadis is a fine art and architectural photographer from Greece who resides in Somerville, MA. He has exhibited in various locations, including the Danforth Art Museum, where he was presented with the 2015 Emerging Artist Award, the Griffin Museum of Photography and the PRC in Boston. In addition, his work was included in New York Photo Festival "PhotoWorld 2014" and The Fence at Photoville as part of the Flash Forward Festival 2014. Finally, his projects were featured in Photographer's Forum, Lensculture, Lenscratch and PDN.

Lately, he decided to create a gallery in his own kitchen, titled The Curated Fridge (Crusade for Art Engagement Grant Finalist, Winner of the Popular Vote). The idea behind this project is to celebrate fine art photography and connect photographers around the world. There is a guest curator for every show and the shows run on a bimonthly basis. 

Yorgos is represented by Gallery Kayafas, 450 Harrison Avenue #37, Boston.